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PRODUCTS: Brake Kits

Rear Axle Drag Kit
Engineered for high torque braking, Outlaw's Rear Axle Brake Kits stops you quicker than conventional OEM braking systems and reduces horsepower robbing rotating weight by 25 pounds per wheel. Kits are available in all popular rear ends for high performance racing applications.

Billet "Pro Series" Rear Axle Brake Kit
For professional racers wanting the ultimate in strength and rigidity, Outlaw offers complete rear axle kits with The Outlaw 2000 series "Billet Aluminum Calipers, Hats and Mounting Brackets". With reduced caliper flex and increased rigidity the Pro Series Kits will provide increased brake torque and shorter stopping distances. Additional components remain the same as the standard rear axle kit.

Part Number Description Offset
83/4" Mopar/Dana 60 (green bearing)
Big Bearing Ford
Small Bearing Ford
Big Bearing Ford (new style)

Rear Disc Brake Kit Housing Flange Chart
To order the proper Outlaw Rear Disc Brake Kit for your application, check the following measurements on your rear end assembly and refer to the accompanying diagrams to determine the exact housing flange and axle flange-to-housing flange dimensions.

1. Outside bearing diameter (Diagram A).
2. Housing flange mounting pattern (Diagram A).
3. Stud pattern and bolt circle on axle flange.
4. Dimension from face of axle to face of housing flange (Diagram B).

This measurement is critical to insure proper alignment of the rotor to the caliper and should match the offset dimension shown in kit description.

Very Important:
Custom built or narrowed rear end housing may be equipped with a different make or style or housing flange. Be sure to order the mounting kit to fit the housing flange, not necessarily the make of the rear end. Example: Big Ford housing with Olds flange requires Olds/Pontiac Disc Brake Kit.