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PRODUCTS: Brake Rotors, Hubs, Master Cylinders

Master Cylinders
Outlaw Disc Brakes has chosen TILTON as our supplier of brake pedals, clutch pedals, and master cylinders. With respect to performance, reliability and design, the TILTON name has come to mean “QUALITY” in the automotive racing industry. If you don’t see it in our catalog give us a call, we’ve got it!

All Aluminum Construction
Plastic Reservoir
Fits All Pedals
Remote Mount Reservoir
Integral Mount Reservoir

Part Number Bore Size Description
185-625M 5/8” Aluminum Master Cylinder
185-750M 3/4” Aluminum Master Cylinder
185-812M 13/16” Aluminum Master Cylinder
185-875M 7/8” Aluminum Master Cylinder
185-937M 15/16” Aluminum Master Cylinder
185-100M 1” Aluminum Master Cylinder
185-112M 1 1/8” Aluminum Master Cylinder
185-625R 5/8” Rebuild Kit
185-750R 3/4” Rebuild Kit
185-812R 13/16” Rebuild Kit
185-875R 7/8” Rebuild Kit
185-937R 15/16” Rebuild Kit
185-100R 1” Rebuild Kit
185-112R 1 1/8” Rebuild Kit

NASCAR Winston Cup
Late Models
Sprint Cars
Off Road
Road Race

Standard Iron Rotors
Outlaw’s premium grade iron rotors were engineered from a high grade iron alloy ensuring maximum stability, resistance to thermal cracking, and extended wear. The thin wall, curved and straight vane designs increase surface area without increasing weight and create a high volume pumping action for rapid cooling.

Advanced Braking System Rotors (ABS)
Outlaw has developed several different ABS Rotors for teams looking for a significant advantage over the competition. ABS Rotors incorporate the use of several different proprietary ceramic coatings for specific purposes and applications.

The “CCI” Rotor, (Ceramic Coated Iron), bonds two different ceramic coatings onto a conventional iron rotor allowing you to remain within the rules of various sanctioning bodies.

Coating #1 is bonded onto the face of the rotor increasing coefficient of friction, or amount of bite, by 35-50% as compared to an untreated iron rotor.

Coating #2, a completely different ceramic, is bonded to the inside of the vanes and inside walls. This particular ceramic accelerates the heat dissipation properties of the rotor increasing the cooling effect by 50% as compared to an untreated rotor.

The “CCT” Rotors, (Ceramic Coated Titanium), are a lightweight series of rotors, bonding a singular ceramic coating onto the face of a solid or vented rotor constructed from titanium. Since titanium is a very poor conductor of heat, the need for an internal ceramic coating is not necessary. Again, coefficient of friction is increased by 35-50% and rotating weight is dramatically reduced with the solid “CCT” Rotor weighing 1.6 pounds and vented “CCT” Rotor only 3.6 pounds.

Outlaw’s “CCI” and “CCT” rotor systems will 1) generate higher friction at the rotor/pad interface enabling you to stop quicker, 2) spend less time on the brakes and more time on the gas 3) dissipate heat quicker reducing thermal heat checking and cracking 4) extend the life of the rotor and pads. (This is of critical importance at hard braking tracks like Martinsville where pad life is of concern).

“CCI” and “CCT” Rotors’ increased performance is realized as you roll off the trailer. No heating up period is required as does carbon-carbon, and new ceramics can be bonded on your existing rotor significantly reducing replacement costs.

Part Numbers/Description
Part Number Rotor Width Rotor Diameter Mount Holes Bolt Circle RH
“CCT” Rotor
205-2605 1.25” 11.8” 8 7.00"
205-2606 .81” 11.8” 8 7.00"
205-2610 .25” 11.8” 8 7.00"
(For additional “CCI” and “CCT” rotor information & applications contact Outlaw)
Standard Curved Vane
205-2636 1.25” 11.75” 8 7.00" RH
205-2641 1.25” 11.75” 8 7.00" LH
Standard Straight Vane
205-2690 1.25” 11.75” 8 7.00"
205-2695 1.25” 11.75” 8 7.00"
Performance Friction Curved Vane
205-2690 1.25” 11.75” 8 7.00" RH
205-2695 1.25” 11.75” 8 7.00" LH

Wide 5 Hub
Outlaw’s Wide 5 Hubs are available in two different materials. Aluminum alloy for standard applications or magnesium providing a rotating weight advantage. Both hubs are designed for superior strength and come installed with races and studs.

Dirt Late Model
Asphalt Late Model
Dirt Modifieds
Asphalt Modifieds
Road Race

Part Number Description
210-2496 Aluminum (Standard offset)

Hub Accessories

Part Number Description
210-2516 Bearing kit, Wide 5 hub
210-2521 Dust Cap, Wide 5 Hub
210-2526 Drive Flange, Wide 5 Hub
250-2700 Bolt Kit, Wide 5 Rotor (8 pack)